Molding Machine

Green sand high pressure multi-contacts compaction automatic microseism moulding machine

Green sand high pressure multi-contacts compaction automatic microseism moulding machine
Technical parameters

No. Item Remark
1 Inner size of sand moulding flask 1000mm*800mm*350mm
2 Size of working table 1200mm*800mm
3 Normal working pressure 0.5Mpa
4 Shock force(0.5Mpa pressure) 3000kfg
5 Compaction ratio pressure 4.2kg/cm2
6 Vibrating cylinder diameter φ350mm
7 Compaction distance 260mm
8 Mould stripping distance 350mm
9 Quantity of multi-contacts 48pcs
10 Compaction distance of multi-contacts 270mm
11 Multi-contacts compaction ratio(0.5Mpa) 4.2kfg/cm2
12 Max distance from multi-contacts to working table 530mm
13 Free air consumption 1.0m3/half mould
14 Productivity 40-60 half moulds/h
15 Total weight 11,000kgs

Product Application
The machine is generally used for foundry casting workshop, mechanical production lines or semi-mechanical production lines.Product Feature
A. Pneumatic multi-contact compaction is adopted to optimize the design of the machine, without oil leakage; moderate specific pressure, no special requirements for sand, more compaction contacts (48pcs), suitable for complex moulding.
B. High pressure compaction, the multi-contacts compacts sand molding,
and vibrate with working table(separated from machine frame, and frame without vibration). Therefore, good vibration effect, high hardness and uniform sand moulding(average hardness 85~90 , B type hardness tester),the sand consumption can be as small as 20~30 mm, the compaction ratio is up to 4.2, and the vertical surface hardness of the mold cavity can still reach above HB80.
C. The machine adopts the spring micro-vibration compaction mechanism, large compaction cylinder diameter, high pressure strength,compacted and even sand moldings, it can guarantee quality of casting.The mold stripping structure adopts way of air oil pressure, the mold stripping adopts connecting rod, the synchronous shaft structure, the pressure oil speed regulation, good mold strippingsynchronization, realizes the stable drawing by the two lifting cylinders, the
connecting rod, and the synchronous shaft. Simple pneumatic pipeline, easy and flexible operation, convenient operation, The machine adopts the spring fully cushioned pneumatic micro-vibration mechanism, no special foundation requirement.
D. The machine increases the stroke of the compaction cylinder, adopts multiple mechanisms to increase the pressure strength, and at the same time, it can pressurize and vibrate according to actual need, so that the elevation and plane hardness of the sand type (including type of complex sand moulding ) are compact and even. Convenient operation and high productivity.
1.How many days do you need to produce this machine?
–This is our standard machine and we have some  in stock,can be delivered right now after your deposit.
  2.What does your factory do regarding quality control?
–We pay much more importance to quality from the very beginning to the end of production,Every machine will be fully assembled and carefully tested before shipment.
 3.What’s your machine quality guarantee?
–Quality guarantee time is one year,We choose world famous brand components to keep our machine in perfect working condition.
 4.Are you able to give installation and commissioning overseas?How long will it takes?
–Yes,we supply overseas service ,but customers needs to pay for the engineers fight tickets and hotel,food .Small machine usually takes about 20days.