Molding Machine

Clay Sand Molding Maching

1. The machine suitable for batch production of small size molding piece single faced plate and
single box mode,up box and down box be made.The machine adopt spring microseism pressing
structure,pressing cylinder wide,pressing strength strong is good for molding quality,pneumatic
pipe simple,easy control and convenience.
2. It is fully buffered,high-frequency,low amplitude,pneumatic-type molding machine microseism
compaction.It used a buffer spring,pneumatic microseism institutions can reduce the shock
impact of the foundation.All parts of the aircraft fuselage steel,a substantial increase of steel.
3.The microseism structure with aircraft body table,shock pistons,shock compaction iron piston,
cylinder and compaction.Mode since the aircraft structure,by the connecting rod from cylinder
mode axis synchronization,push mode,such as starting composition.Cylinder adopt air pressure
control mode to ensure a smooth beginning.
4. Sand mold casting pouring thin-wall castings, precise size, smooth surface.
Technical parameter

Type Z143W
Foundry flask maximum size(mm) 500×400
Worktable size(mm) 560×420
Jolting load(kgf) 200
Compressive stress(kgf) 4200
Moulding process(mm) 160
Productivity(box/h) 40-60
Consumption free air(M ³/box) 0.25